Maximum MIDI
Music Applications in C++
by Paul Messick
Softbound, 450 pages, $49.95
Manning ISBN 1884777449
Includes CD-ROM

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"The author knows his stuff... he has hard industry experience."
-Phil Sours, Director of Development Cakewalk Music Software

"It is the only book I know that really explains Windows MIDI ... I recommend it!"
-Bret Costin, Chief Engineer Midiman

"... the organization is excellent, proceeding in a natural progression from introductory material to ToolKit basics to useful examples and extensions."
-David Rowe, Director of Hardware Opcode Systems, Inc.

This book shows you how to build world-class MIDI programs that can play music using computer sound cards or external keyboard instruments, teach music theory and technique, add music to games and allow musicians to record, edit, play and print compositions.

Maximum MIDI gives programmers two ways to add MIDI to their programs. A flexible toolkit of C and C++ routines makes developing Windows 95 MIDI programs a breeze, and rock-solid algorithms and tons of field-tested source code allow advanced users to quickly "roll their own"--on any platform. Over a dozen example programs show how it's done.

Unique in its focus on MIDI, this book explores each subject thoroughly--nothing is sidestepped or skimmed over. Any programmer--hobbyist or professional--who is interested in the exciting world of MIDI programming should read this book.

What's inside:

  • Understanding the MIDI specification
  • Using the MIDI ToolKit API and C++ classes
  • Performing simple MIDI input and output
  • Sending and receiving sysex messages
  • Achieving high-accuracy timing in Windows
  • Recording and playing MIDI sequences
  • Reading and writing Standard MIDI Files

Contains complete source code of the Maximum MIDI Programmer's ToolKit for Windows 95 and all of the book's example programs.

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