Rare Silicon

Here are data sheets for various rare, vintage ICs. Most of these parts are Solid State Microsystems for Music, Inc. (SSM) chips that were used in a few now-prized analog synthesizers.

You will need Adobe Acrobat in order to view these data sheets. If you don't have a copy, get one here. It's free.

Please Note: I have no more SSM chips for sale, and I have no sources of these parts. Sorry!

SSM 2013 Voltage Controlled Amplifier

SSM 2020 Dual Linear-Antilog Voltage Controlled Amplifier

SSM 2022 Dual Linear-Antilog Voltage Controlled Amplifier

SSM 2024 Quad Current Controlled Amplifier

SSM 2033 Voltage Controlled Oscillator

SSM 2038 Voltage Controlled Oscillator

SSM 2040 Voltage Controlled Filter

SSM 2044 Voltage Controlled Filter

SSM 2045 Music Voicing System (VCF/VCA)

SSM 2056 Voltage Controlled Transient Generator (ADSR)

SSM 2110 Audio Level Detection System

SSM 2300 8-Channel Multiplexed Sample and Hold

dbx 2150 Voltage Controlled Amplifier

dbx 2252 True RMS-Level Detector

Other SSM data sheets may be available (i.e., I haven't gotten around to scanning them). These include: SSM2010, SSM2011, SSM2014, SSM2015, SSM2020, SSM2022, SSM2024, SSM2045, SSM2047, and SSM2056. Write me if you are especially desparate for these data sheets. Some of these parts may also be available.