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If you have a web page for your program, and you are using the MIDI Programmer's ToolKit, drop me a line and let me know. I'll add your link to this page and you too can become rich and famous.

To add your URL, send an email message with a short description of your program and your URL. Also, I'd love to see your program in action, so if you are feeling especially generous you can send me a copy. You don't have to, though.

Soon to be Rich and Famous

VMix95 Mixing Automation

Featuring Bob Damiano's 64 track audio mixing automation program for Windows 95.

WebJammer ActiveX Control

David A. Allen-Williams is using the ToolKit to write an ActiveX control that allows users to jam live on the Internet. As a result the powers-that-be at The University of Western Australia have been duped into giving him a degree.

PowerJam Systems

Home of CanvasMan, a Sound Canvas editor and all-around Swiss army knife. One of the earliest users of the ToolKit, and quite a power user at that!

NoiZe for Windows

A universal patch editor, very reasonably priced. Neato scanner program too.

Ensoniq SQ-1/2 Editor

Announcing a free Windows 3.1 based sound editor for the Ensoniq SQ-1/2 series synthesizers.

SY-22/35 Voice Editor

Download Richard Hanson's newest creation.


Henrik Norbeck's tune writing program that uses text for entering notes.


The award-winning DSP hardware/software sound engine from Power Technology. All of its functions are MIDI controllable, via the ToolKit of course.

MIDI Karaoke Player

Mark Feaver's MIDI player, written in GFA Basic. Dramatic proof that you don't need to know C to use the ToolKit.