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Cakewalk Systems

Need I say more?

Opcode Systems

Macintosh and Windows MIDI software and interfaces. Music Quest MIDI interfaces are now made by Opcode.

MIDI Hardware


Makers of MIDI interfaces and other related gadgets.

Music Quest

Now owned by Opcode Systems. The standard for interfaces for the PC world.

Lyrrus G-VOX Guitar to MIDI Hardware and Software

Connect up your Strat to your PC and get fast and accurate MIDI input for sequencing and education. The ultimate low-cost guitar to MIDI interface.

Doctor Audio

Play doctor and find the digital audio and MIDI hardware of your dreams. This site also has an extensive page of audio- and MIDI-related links.

Mark of the Unicorn

PC and Mac MIDI hardware and software, including the ever popular MIDI Time Piece.

MIDI Programming Resources
Other than Maximum MIDI, of course.

Wotsit's File Format Collection

An unbelievable quantity of file formats, including many MIDI and multimedia formats, disected and exposed for all to see. Visit either the UK or US site.

Desaware's SpyWorks OCX for Visual Basic

SpyWorks is a commercial message mapping OCX for Visual Basic that will allow programmers to use the 32-bit MaxMidi ToolKit with VB 5. Desaware has tons of other VB-related tools as well.

MIDI Manufacturers Association

Get yer red-hot MIDI Spec here! Actually, mostly info on where to get it and how to join the MMA.

More Info on the MIDI Specification

A useful summary of MIDI, with tables.

The MIDI Technical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center

Four Stars! Two Thumbs! Tons of hardcore MIDI info, specs, tips, tricks, and tripe. Award winning Attitude. Clearly Mr. Glatt has far too much time on his hands at the State Hospital.

Audio EFX Source Code

Source code for digital audio processing for echo, reverb, and chorus/flange effects.

Rogus McBogus

MIT's C++ library for MIDI.

MIDI Control DLL

Rory White's Sysex DLL for Windows. Smells like Win3.1, but that's not documented.

Mike's MIDI Page

Mike Le Voi's Visual Basic MIDI Tools and utilities. Includes a shrine to ELP.

Günter Nagler's MIDI Utilities

DOS and UN*X utilities to munge MIDI data in all sorts of interesting ways. With source.
Other Cool MIDI Related Stuff

Harmony Central

More MIDI-related links than you can shake a stick at. With a cool search engine attached.