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Check out these DIY MIDI Hardware Projects

Do-It-Yourself MIDI Hardware Projects

For your entertainment, I've posted several DIY hardware projects. These projects include:

  • Add a MIDI Input to Your Casio SK-1 Sampler
    • As seen in Keyboard Magazine, August 1987. Includes the original Keyboard article in all its glory.
  • DIY MIDI Metronome
    • A simple project for a MIDI-driven flashing LED metronome. Look Ma, no batteries!
  • Serial Port MIDI Interface
    • Full bandwidth MIDI for your laptop or desktop PC, no external power required. Includes drivers for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.
  • The MIDI Viewport
    • A pocket-sized MIDI data analyzer, similar to the MidiSpy program. Uses a 2-line LCD display as a readout.

NT Support comes to the ToolKit

The Maximum MIDI Programmer's ToolKit now supports both Windows 95 and Windows NT. Popular demand, insomnia, and an abundance of caffeine have finally convinced Paul to port the ToolKit to NT.

Your copy of Maximum MIDI: Music Applications in C++ entitles you to download the updated 95/NT DLLs (including source code) from the Maximum MIDI forum. The new code--and ToolKit support via the forum--is only available to owners of the book.